About Tron War

Tron War is a decentralized strategic investment game based on tron blockchain. build and develop your Army, attack your enemies and get the booty of war with Tron (TRX). For more information, download and read the "Whitepaper".

Game Features

  • Decentralized
  • Open source code
  • Safe and Secure
  • Based on blockchain
  • Instant payouts with TRX
  • Easy and friendly gameplay

Coin Rate

1 TRX = 100,000 WarCoin
Other details you can find in the section FAQ

About WarToken

WarToken is the currency for the main game of TronWar. You could be able to build your army by using WarToken to attack other players. If you win you will receive the WarTokens used by the loser to build his/her army. After winning and gaining the war booty, you can exchange your WarTokens to TRON(WarToken/TRON) in TronTrade or TRX Market.

WarToken Contract Address:


WarToken Allocation:

  • 15% Team & Development
  • 10% Marketing
  • 25% IEO
  • 50% 1st and 2nd stage investors
  • Your WarToken Balance:

    Your Wallet Address:

    Your Email Address:


    Q2 2019

    Launch TronWar 1st stage (Done)

    Q4 2019

    Create TRC20 WarTokens and divide between 1st stage investors (Done)

    Q1 2020

    Launch TronWar 2nd stage (Done)

    Q3 2020

    Divide WarTokens between 2nd stage investors

    Q1 2021

    WarToken IEO

    Q2 2021

    Burn extra WarTokens

    Q3 2021

    Launch TronWar 3rd stage